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Hello All,

2020 has been crazy in many ways and everyone in our Ashton Athletics Community is feeling the stress and strain of what can only be described as a monumental problem for our society.

Since the medical experts have advised everyone to stay indoors and also stay away from social activities, it is important to adhere to the advice give to us by some of the smartest minds on the planet. This is no joke and each day we are hearing more and more bad news. We have to be strong at this time and rely on our mental toughness to get through this difficult time. 

Mortgages will go unpaid, many will lose their jobs and lives will be altered forever but I believe in the human spirit. I saw the same spirit when I founded Ashton Athletics during the recession of 2008 and immediately saw the passion and drive of our future athletes.

I started my business because I wanted to make a positive change in other peoples lives. I used the horrendous environment we were all in and used it as fuel to try to make a change in the world. Even if its a small change, it's a positive step forward. I want our young players to think that same way. How can I get better during this time?

decided to help players and teams get better and I did it through the recession years with determination and help from many parents trusting me and so many passionate and driven players. Whether it was an All-American athlete needing a new set of eyes, a coach whose job was on the line if his team didn't get promoted, a parent that wanted their player to make the travel team or an organization that needed guidance helping and developing or starting coaching programs...we did it and have continued to do it for 12 years and we will not stop. Many have come and gone but those that move on utilized new skills, drills and passionate lessons to improve their ability and character.

I believe that this tragic moment in all of our lives will lead to a time of reflection, refocus and as a society we will appreciate others much other. As we take each other for granted we will have a much more friendly and open society. I have seen and continue to see the sparkle in all of our kids eyes that they are as driven as all of our recent generations combined and this will make them stronger as they continue to grow. I miss them as we quarantine for the sake of our safety but I am also very happy that we are continuing our lessons by doing them remotely.

Ashton Athletics continues to operate and our virtual or online lessons are as popular as ever. Naturally, some were unsure of how the lessons operate but everyone who has taken lessons has enjoyed them and wishes to continue.

These lessons have been helpful in the past when our athletes go on to college or move to where in person lessons are no longer possible, so lessons do run smoothly. I am so happy that parents are joining our program and helping their kids stay active.

There may not be any announcements of seasons starting soon but there is no denying that the teachings and benefits form our lessons are heightened. This is because teammates and our competition have hung up the cleats, dumbbells and are using their treadmills as coat hangers. Our players are retaining muscle memory and because there is no season in sight, we can make drastic and needed changes to mechanics and fitness levels. We must make the most of this time and cannot allow ourselves to become stressed, lazy and stagnant.

I am using this time to improve Ashton Athletics and what it offers. Our online program will continue to improve and we will also be adding some great content that our parents and players will have access to. This content will include fitness programs, hitting fundamentals and drills for baseball and softball, pitching fundamentals for baseball and softball, general throwing and fielding mechanics and unique question and answer videos. Some videos will be in our on demand section where great in depth videos will be available. 

I am excited a little more for the exercise and fitness videos we will be offering because who doesn't want to be faster, stronger or have more stamina!?!

Our current parents and players will be notified by email and we will also announce this on our instagram page shortly. Our instagram page is private and you need to request to join as it contains videos and pictures of our players, as well as unique content that is only for our communities eyes. Our instagram page is located on instagram and searching for @CoachSteveAshton

To know how our online lessons work and how easy it is to schedule, please contact us. At this time we have limited availability but will do our best to schedule those with interest. Contact us at or via our instagram page. We do not have active facebook or twitter pages.

Hang in there everyone. Listen to the medical experts and stay as active as you can. 

Our website content and services will be updated when medical experts say it is safe to resume outdoor activities.

I can be reached via the information below and should you have any questions please keep your eyes on our instagram and this website. Updates to videos will be provided shortly.

Your friend,

Steve Ashton

Director, Founder and Owner

Ashton Athletics Sports Training