We are a full time sports training company, qualified and fully insured. Part time trainers MAY have the playing resume but what happens if your player is injured during training? Are they insured? Have they had a criminal background check? Can they develop your player? Can they prove that what they are teaching actually works? Lots of questions.

We dedicate 100% of our day to our players, teams and parents. 8 years of 100% commitment and our long track of success with players and teams give you confidence that your player and team will enjoy safe, fun and effective training. 

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Coach Steve Ashton

The separation is in the preparation.

Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

Currently, our trainers offer training in:





Track and Field/Cross Country


Our trainers also offer strength and conditioning programs for each sport and even offer position specific training!

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We offer training to players 6+. Our trainers also teach adults!

We are a sports training company located in New Jersey, USA that specializes in developing players of all ages and abilities.

As a sports training company, we do more than lessons. not only do we help players but we also assist teams and clubs develop sound plans and programs to ensure better player development.

In 2015, we began to assist high schools and NCAA programs to better understand their players and develop effective training programs.

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Steve Ashton began Ashton Athletics in 2008 as a small sports training company working with four local baseball and soccer teams. These four teams won their flights and the players not only enjoyed their training experience but also HAD FUN!

Word of mouth began to spread about Ashton's success and fast forward almost 10 years, Coach Steve Ashton and Ashton Athletics have become one of the most sought after training programs in the Tri-State area. Ashton is not only the head of Ashton Athletics which specializes in private and team training but he is also a consultant coach/trainer to various town and academy programs, 16 NCAA programs, national team programs and many other clubs and parents looking to advance their players and coaches through professional instruction. 

Ashtons resume is full of great success stories and Accomplishments helping develop high school and College players become All-Americans, NJSIAA State champions, NCAA championship winners, National team players and National Gatorade players of the year. 

Contact us via the contact page. We are on social media or you can call or email!

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The first thing we establish is realistic goals for our players and teams, then we ensure they improve thanks to our unique development plan. This development plan is customized to each player/team we work with so we can track progress and ensure development. 

We offer many services.

Private lessons, small group lessons, team lessons

Sports specific training and fitness training

Club development assistance

Pre season training camps

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