"Our clinics are designed to improve your skills as a player and provide you with drills to use in your everyday practice routine. You will get immediate feedback including video analysis on your skills. These clinics are an excellent opportunity for any players aspiring to improve their game and learn from quality coaches in a controlled and safe environment. The practices and drills you will experience are the same used at the national level to prepare for the season ahead. You will learn directly from me and other fantastic coaches who possess the ability to help you put what you learn in our camps into your games with daily competition."

"My goal as a coach is to only educate and develop players but also promote the game. I want to reach as many players as I can, as to the right way to play the game and how to develop yourself as a player and teammate. I strive to provide an enjoyable learning environment that will allow you to be excited to practice and play the great game of baseball. Listed below are the clinics we currently have open. If you have any questions, please feel free to us the contact page where I can help you. I hope to see you soon."

"Remember...The separation is in the preparation."

Coach Steve Ashton

Have fun and learn the fundamentals of sport with Coach Steve Ashton with your own clinic!

Due to popular demand, we are now continuing our customized clinics where you say what happens. If you child has friends, family or team mates who want to enjoy a few hours learning a sport through fun games then these clinics are for you!

Clinics can be as big or as small as you wish. Indoors or outdoors and times are offered as 9-11am and 9-1pm

Clinic details will be established with parents and our clinics will include stretching, warm up/cool down routines, development drills, fun games and more. 

Each participant will benefit from our teaching and also our video analysis system. Participants will be videoed and have personalized videos sent to them for feedback.

Each day will end in a competition of skills.

What: Clinic
Who: All Players Ages 6-14 **Open to any and All**
When: TBD
Where: Location will be found close to your location

Cost: Dependent on amount fo players and time requested

Enrollment: REGISTER BELOW! First come first served and once limit is reached, registration will be closed.

NO entries will be accepted on the day of clinics. Prior registration is mandatory.

What to bring: suitable clothing and footwear, water, food and a smile

How to sign up: Fill in the online form below and confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Sign up deadlines: – 3 days before clinic start date