Pricing is discussed on an individual basis upon confirming sessions. Price will include field rental,  any permits for usage, instruction, video feedback and injury insurance.

Private Lessons 

Available times as of MAY 29. Times are updated every 24 hours.


With over 55 players enjoying lessons each week, we are helping these players improve one lesson at a time.

Our training packages are exceptional instructional programs designed to improve fundamentals and overall ability through quality instruction and drill repetition.

We believe that whilst each player is different, the fundamentals of sports are not. Educating players and parents to understand these key fundamentals ensures development. Given our extensive training background and research we know exactly how to teach these fundamentals in a way that promotes development and FUN!

In 2018, we have added new features to our training packages. We now offer unique video feedback with each private lesson package purchased.

Private videos are taken during each session, studied and broken down then a voice over is added and sent to the players parents. 


First, we set up an assessment session. 30 mins with one simple gather information. There is nothing worse than a coach "guaranteeing" you this and that. If the player isn't capable of certain goals, we will be honest with you and establish realistic goals.

Our assessment session is video work and from this session a training plan is designed to meet the players specific needs.

Private lessons are for players (6 – 18 years old) eager to improve their skills development through an individualized one to one approach.

If the weather is poor or sunlight is an issue then lessons are held at Fred Hill Sports Academy, Verona, NJ. Outdoor sessions are located at various fields and parks we have access to in your local area. We ask that players arrive on time for lessons as sessions cannot be adjusted once booked.

Private lessons are 30 minutes long and are in packages of 4 sessions. Package costs are discussed at time of assessment. 60 min lessons are not available at this time. Our lessons can be geared to fundamentals of the sport or a specific position. 

We encourage one or both parents to attend player lessons and observe the drill mechanics utilized. Our objective is to teach the player and parents the proper drills, which can also be used at home to improve playing skills.

Contact us today to get going or ask questions!