Ashton Athletics has produced thousands of online video analyses over the past ten years with players from all over the country. Whether you are just starting Little League or currently play professional baseball, our team has worked with and train players at all levels.

Our video analysis is included in our packages at no additional charge and we provide a breakdown of your hitting, pitching, or fielding mechanics and describe exactly what you are currently doing and what needs to be done to improve.

Videos include voice over analysis comparisons to advanced players including professional players, detailing the core principles used by elite hitters, pitchers, and fielders to help provide a mechanical advantage. We also provide individualized drills chosen specifically for you to help correct your faults and engrain new movements and mechanics.

Our team has spent 15 years researching elite motor patterns, mechanics, and techniques, while also designing drills to best develop these skills. Our biomechanical and anatomy development program is sought after by many elite high school and NCAA programs.

With online analysis sent to your phone after your session you will have a concrete plan of action to take your game to a completely new level and be the absolute best hitter, pitcher, or fielder that you can be.

Whilst we take video at our sessions, we ask that you also capture video at your next practice or live game with just a smart phone or tablet. By sending via text in game footage, we can develop your game further by assessing in game patterns.

With your game being progressed in lessons and video analysis, you will have the ability to reach your potential. You can review your personalized instruction videos and drills anywhere and as often as you like.

Those who do not receive lessons can purchase online feedback and for an online video analysis, email us at